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Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

White teeth improve your personality and give you more confident in front of many people. If you have white shiny teeth, you stand out among the rest of people. Here are some natural ways through which you can get brighter teeth and keep yourselves away from teeth stains:

Crunchy Food:

By eating crunchy food, you can remove different chemicals and sugary food particles from your mouth.sbiancamento denti costo That is why is an apple a day keeps a dentists and a doctor away. Apple contains malic acid which is a teeth whitener and removes stains from enamel of your teeth.

Rinse Your Mouth Well:

After eating or drinking any food, it is better to rinse your mouth properly with water in order to get rid of food particles. The leftover food particles will be removed after washing the mouth with water after every meal.

Food that Have Ability to Whiten Teeth:

Strawberry and lemon are well known food items that have additional teeth whitening extracts. By applying these two regularly on your teeth, you will get whiter and brighter teeth.


Cheese is a good source of calcium and other minerals. The studies have showed that by eating some cheese after every meal will not only prevent the teeth from decay but it also will assist in re-mineralization of the teeth.

Regular Brushing

Electric brush is best for the whitening and cleaning of your teeth. It moves all across the teeth without leaving any space. It is easier to take measures to avoid discoloration of your teeth but once your teeth get discolored, it is difficult task to make them bright and white again.

Sugar free Chewing Gums:

It is very good for teeth to chew Xylitol chewing gums. These sugar free chewing gums will release excessive saliva in your mouth.